Social audio

Listen to podcasts and audiobooks with friends

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Listen with friends and share experiences

Catch up

See each others playing history and favourites

Listen live

Enjoy listening together at the same time

Shared playlists

Create and share listening journeys

Mind boost

Nourish your brain powers


Discussing helps retain and recall memories


Understand the perspectives of others

Unlock ideas

Dwell on ideas with a friend to take it to the next level

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Look after your mental health

Combat Isolation

Connect with others without needing a reason

Social media remedy

Don't compare yourself to others, just share experiences

Feel closer

Benefit from knowing others are doing the same thing

Exciting features

Possibilities unlocked with social audio


-> Tag sections to listen back to
-> Share snippets with others


-> Leave audio notes and comments
-> Capture what you learn


-> Easily recommend favourites
-> Discover the best content


It's not just us that like the idea

Eamonn Carey

I have been waiting for an app to do this for years

Eamonn Carey — MD Techstars London
Nate Bailey

Simply awesome... I need to discuss ideas as I have them

Nate Bailey — Championship Leadership Podcast
Graham Hobson

This is a great idea.
I’d love to work through podcasts on a theme with like-minded people and share ideas

Graham Hobson — Founder Photobox


The people building Syncify (when not chatting about podcasts)

Sam Harris


Award-winning entrepreneur, Tedx speaker, and podcaster.

Caio Kinzel Filho

Tech lead

Built enterprise-grade systems from scratch

Jack Hughes


Scaled apps to millions of users


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Will it cost anything?

No the app is free

How is this different?

It's social! Listen and discover together

How can I contact you?

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